Sansone Microsurgical Co., Inc.
A company designed specifically to meet all of your microsurgical instrument repair needs.

"Now more than ever it isn't about getting the least expensive repair that is going to save you the most money, but rather, it is about getting the highest quality repair that is going to give you the longest life and optimum performance from the surgical instruments that you are presently using. 
This is where the true value and actual savings will occur"  Bob Sansone, Founder
In almost 40 years in business we are very proud to say we have successfully repaired
Over 500,000 instruments with 0 complaints
How many repair companies that you are using right now can actually say that? The answer is none!

The reason is because every instrument that we repair we quality control inspect it to make sure that when it leaves us it won't be coming back as a complaint which in turn saves you and us time, money and aggravation. Even if we spend hours attempting a repair on one of your instruments and in the end it doesn't work quite right, we would rather tag it as beyond repair than try to send it to you in the hopes that it gets overlooked or lost in the shuffle. 

You can be confident that when we send back your repaired instrument that you will have no issues regarding it's look, feel, and performance because we have already made certain of that. Quality is our number one priority.